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Bliss Music Academy


came into fruition with the sole purpose of building the student’s understanding and execution of music artistry. Bliss Music Academy comprises of teaching that has developed from various forms of music teaching styles including Suzuki, the Mozart effect and the Tchaikovsky harmony methods to name a few.  


Although students have gone on to perform at some of London’s most prestigious venues in musical theatre, music concerts and the West End, there is no typical student. Bliss Music Academy’s teaching methods are built to suit anyone.  Whether you seek to build your confidence in your performance, skill or for leisure, Bliss Music Academy is here for you.  


Bliss Music Academy is passionate about mental health. A healthy mind is vital for a healthy functioning body and life. Bliss Music Academy’s ‘Mind Matters Program’ is taught with a purpose to promote and develop self-care directly. Students include individuals from various walks of life whether you are an accountant, a chef or a student, these lessons are taught with a universal commonality, to relieve you from stress and anxiety and to reset your emotions.  



There are four main areas Bliss Music Academy focuses on: 

  1. Physical delicacies (this includes bespoke methods on using back, arm hand and finger techniques, including breathing to both alleviate stress and anxiety whilst harnessing your performances) 

  2. Music History (to develop the student’s knowledge thereby raising their empathy and passion for the instrument)  

  3. Connectivity (to develop the student’s connection with the instrument) 

  4. Artistry (to develop the discipline to perform and master their craft)  

Bliss Music 2021
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