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 Music Theory



Full Course
13 lessons
60 minutes each

Lesson 1: Rhythm and Tempo- Time values, Time Signatures, Tempo, Rhythm.

Lesson 2: Pitch name and notations, major scale, Key signatures, Accidentals.

Lesson 3: Rhythm 2- Rests, Ties and Dots, Triples and Compound Time, Compound Time notation.

Lesson 4:  Major and Minor scales, Circle of Fifths, Relative Minor Scales, Scales Degrees, Double Sharps and Double Flats, Chromatic scale.

Lesson 5:  Note Grouping in Simple and Compound Time, Rests Grouping in Simple and Compound times, Grouping in other times Signatures, Duplets, Irregular time divisions.

Lesson 6:  Rhythmic Notation of Words, Syncopation

Lesson 7:  Intervals and Transposition, Inversion of intervals, Concords and Discords

Lesson 8:  Triads and Chords, Figured Bass, Chords Layouts. 

Lesson 9:  Phrases and Cadence


Lesson 10: Tempo, Dynamics, Mood.

Lesson 11: Phrasing Marks, The Slur, Staccato, Double Phrasing, Textual and Stylistic  problems.

Lesson 12: Ornaments and Embellishments

Lesson 13: Reiterations and Repeats.



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