Keyboard and Mouse


Self-paced learning is a learning method in which you have the control of the amount of material and duration you need in order to learn the information properly. It differs from other learning methods because you are in control of what you learn and when you learn it. If you have a busy schedule that doesn’t  allow you to receive lessons from our teachers this courses will help you keep on track!


The basics of Piano technique

Learning the very basics of piano technique and Music Theory; Back posture, Fingers Display, Music Notation and Music History. Learn your first piano pieces!


Breathing for Covid recovery

Learn Breathing exercises for Covid 19 recovery form a perspective of a Singer and Singing teacher. 

Singing with Headphones

The basics of Singing

Learn how to breathe, resonate and sound like a singer. In this course you will be introduced to the basics of singing: Breathing, Support, resonance, Voice types, repertoire selection among other techniques