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Classical Music For Mums to be, Babies and toddlers.

Who is it for? 
Mums to be, babies, and toddlers. 


          When young children are exposed to music, even if they are in a mummy's belly,                their brains change. 

  • Improve moods and empower young children by reducing stress levels. 

  • Stimulate the formation of brain chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin. When these are released, children are encouraged to share toys, empathize and trust others.

  • Boost concentration skills and productivity.

  • Improve learning and grades.

  • Develop spatial intelligence – laying the ground for an interest in mathematics, engineering, computer science, and architecture. 

  • Improve vocabulary and creativity. 


Our concert is about sharing love and classical music for a happy musical experience!

Frequently asked questions:

 Q: Is this a live concert?

A: Yes,  it is a live piano concert ( sometimes other instruments too).

Q: Cant my baby listen to a recording too? 

A: Of course, they can, but listening to live music provides much-needed social encounters, lowers stress hormones, contributes to positive mental feelings at even higher levels than activities like yoga or walking your dog and it can even increase your life expectancy by up to nine years :)

Q: Should my toddler be still for the full amount of the concert? 

A: If your child is beginning to walk, and it is not easy to keep him/her still, they can move around. This concert is for them to interact with music in a natural way. 

Q: How many children can one ticket cover? 

A: Each ticket covers 1 parent + 1 child. 

Q: Can my baby still develop if it is inside the womb?

A: The answer is Yes. Babies actually do learn in the womb, a 2013 study trusted Source found. But the researchers are quick to point out that “learning” really means the babies develop familiarity with something. The key is to listen because you like it.

It’s important to remember that a womb is a noisy place. Your stomach gurgles, your heart beats, and your lungs fill with air. On top of that, your voice is amplified by the vibration of your bones as the sound travels through your body. That is why our calming musical experience is ideal.

Q: Do I need to show something at the entrance? 

A: All you need to do is to bring your confirmation email. You can either print or show it electronically a the door. 

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