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Music Sheets


Bespoke Music Lessons for Mental Health & Well-Being

Individual Session

60 minutes - £36

Group Session

60 minutes - £14.99

Piano Lessons for Improving Concentration for Revision. 

Confidence Building through Speech and Body Language.

Breathing and Posture Correction.

Exercises Brain Sensory Stimulation Music Exercises for Mental Well-being

We offer bespoke plans with a key purpose to revitalise your well-being, including:

When overtired, angry and confused, our mind ends up like a


When booking our tailored services, we can assess how music can help you at understanding what your mind is going through and how to deal with it in the best possible way. 

Music is a very powerful mood inducer. It helps recognise and express emotions, releasing endorphins to alleviate our stress. 

With singing exercises, sound bathe sessions, dance therapy and music composition introduction we offer an alternative to traditional methods to treat mental health from the perspective of music teachers that have applied these exercises to assist with stage anxiety and depression, improving concentration and confidence. 

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